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At this place we show photos you´ve sent us.

We would be delighted if you sent us the photos at [info @ stomplabel . de] with a nice comment, your equipment and the MFC on it (action photos :-) Thx.

Germany, Marmagen

"Nicht nur hilfreich, sondern auch noch ein phänomenaler Anblick ;)"


"Thank you, love the labels. Make my mfc 101 glorious!!"


On 21. February '14 we visited SunriseAvenue and meet Riku after the show. Great concert and a very friendly nice contact!

USA, NewYork

"Without a doubt the BEST labels made for the MFC! They're of great quality and looks. What more can you ask for?
My praise & worships gigs just became a lot more stylish =) "


"Stomplabels are great! They look cool and are easy to see on stage. I'm always changing preset configurations on my MFC-101 and to be able to move the labels to different positions quickly is very cool!

Thanks again !
Jeff Loomis"


"Ich bin jetzt mit den neuen Ultra Labels mehr als zufrieden - kein Vergleich zu den alten Labels. Vielen Dank für den vorbildlichen Support."

Richard Preinbergs


"I've searched long time how to label my Skrydstrup SC-1 pedalboard. And there was the solution ... the stomplabels! I tried them on my pedalboard and they fit perfectly! I'd like to thank the stomplabel team for their great product! You rock!!"



"Ohne Stomplabels wäre ich absolut orientierungslos! Grandioses Design!"


"My Axe setup is only complete with the Stomplabels attached to it. They are of great quality, easy to read and no guessing where an effect or preset is and possible to change on the fly.


I took it one step further and made my own custom pedalboard to fit the MFC 101, expressionpedals and external switches and the Stomplabels fit exactly! on that board, as if they're made for each other. How cool is that! Ordered also a custom label for my A/B switching with a print of the guitars I use on stage.


So I'm Ready To Rock, big time!"


"... it 's not the thing that you can't play without, but life get's much easier if you're a lucky owner..

Thx to the Team

Guy from the Elysian Gates"



"Kompliment, - eine Idee wurde professionell umgesetzt. Anhand der farbigen
Labels, kann ich mich auch noch schneller orientieren."


"After the Dream Theater Concert in Düsseldorf (Germany) on 2.Febr.12 we meet John Petrucci. It was very nice for us and we gave him some of our newest Ultrastomplabel. He was very interessted and happy about it, it was really nice to meet our BIG IDOL !! yeahhh :-)"


"Just finished Green Lantern ...thanks for creating a great product!"


"Young rocker Ryan likes the cool looks. Old rocker Dave likes the fact he can finally stomp the right button. Thanks Sasha and Chris at"



"The Stomplabel and the MFC 101 system is a must for anyone doing serious work on an Axe Fx. I use both for work with my Eleven Rack as well. The Stomp Labels make use in a live environment easier than having a roadie making my changes off stage. I have everything right in front of me. A real must for MFC foot controllers."

Germany, Iversheim

"Habt ihr ganz fein gemacht!"


USA, New York

" labels out there for the MFC!"



"I've been playing with the stomplabels with my band Live Evil, most recently at an Iron Maiden tribute show. The labels are awesome!"


"My Stomp Labels are incredible! There hasn't been a show that I've played where these labels haven't been the center of attention. The functionality and style are unmatched. My MFC 101 has never been happier!"


United Kingdom

"Stomplabel products are not just high quality and great fun, they are an essential part of my rig."


"The Ultra labels are thicker and feel more solid, they also seem to have stronger magnets and they sit perfectly on the MFC as they should. And of course, they look very cool as well (see pic) :-)"


"Stomp Labels are the only way to go to run your MFC-101 foot controller from FRACTAL AUDIO. Any time you need to change your preset's, you can just move the labels to go where ever you need them. Keep up the great work, guy's, you are the best.
DSG/David Shankle Group. "


USA, Washington DC
Support of Dream Theater Tour 2011/12

Misha Mansoor
Mark Holcomb

Jake Bowen

Gitarrist of Karat

"Wow! Die Ulrastomplabels sind der Hammer in Qualität und Aussehen! Die Labels nehmen dem MFC etwas das "technische" und machen das arbeiten damit unbeschwerter, danke für ein Super Produkt!"


"Mit Stomplabel habe ich Ordnung und Übersicht, sauber und flexibel!"

USA, Georgia

"Stomplabel - The only way to go!"

Germany, Iserlohn

"Die kleinen Dinger sind einfach genial!" 






"I´m very satisfied with the quality of theses labels. I think theses should actually come with the MFC"

Youtube Video "Review of Stomplabels"

Thailand Bangkok

"Actually I've used labels from another guy before, but they weren't strong enough to go on the Road. Very sensitive for sunlight. That's the reason i ordered your Ultrastomplabels. And I must say the Ultrastomplabels are AWESOME and the best in Quality i ever used !Thanks Guys for a realy great Product ! "

Stomplabel GbR 2013